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Massage therapy is now a huge industry catering to all kinds of people from all walks of life. It was already proven by science as an efficient way to heal the body from many afflictions and with a favorable outcome of calming the nerves, soothing body aches and pains while at the same time give a sense of complete relaxation.

Shonn Piersol

Shonn Piersol believed that people from the Midwest deserve to have the best massage treatment knowing that folks from this region are extremely hard working and needs a little pampering every now and then. That’s when Shonn seized the opportunity and created a haven when everyone can enjoy a good massage at affordable prices. He clearly knows how massage therapy can benefit any individual from the mere physical aspects to a deeper sense of relieving mental and emotional stress.

To answer the need for a professional massage therapy clinic Shonn Piersol founded Massage Indy which offers the very best massage services for everyone in the area at a very friendly price. With knowledgeable staff and a calm relaxing atmosphere Massage Indy has been a popular haven for couples who benefit from the famous couple’s massage. Shonn and his staff perfected the art of couple’s massage by using proven massage techniques, luxurious oils in an inviting ambience that couples will find very relaxing at the number one massage therapy place in the area.

Why try Massage Indy couple’s massage?

Massage Indy popularized couple’s massage in the area and is now the hottest service that they can offer. In one cozy room a couple will be treated to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage by two highly trained therapists. This is soothing for best friends, a bonding moment for mother and daughter, and a perfect relaxing treat for couples.

  • Enhances Romantic Relationship- the unique shared relaxing experience can bridge the gap especially for new couples. Being pampered through a relaxing massage places each individual in a state of comfort. A stronger bond is easily formed during the whole process wherein inhibitions and pretenses are no longer an issue while the opportunity of getting to know each other is ignited through the stimulation of different senses in a couple’s massage

  • Romantic Rendezvous- only Massage Indy can provide the perfect place for a romantic getaway for just a short but pleasurable time wherein a couple may get inspiration to ignite the fire of romance. It is also a good chance to rekindle an old flame and open up to the possibility of romance.

  • Comforting Experience- bringing a partner who never had explored the pleasures of touch to a couple’s massage at Massage Indy will give your special someone the opportunity for self-discovery. A couple’s massage can help someone explore his or her senses to the pleasures and relaxation that a massage can bring. This is a good way to introduce to that someone the benefits of massage which you can both enjoy at Massage Indy and relive the whole experience afterwards in your own home.

  • A Healthy and Healing Date- this could be your most unique date as a couple wherein you can both benefit from a good couple’s massage. At Massage Indy you can be sure that you will be well taken care of with exceptional massage service that can heal the body and soothe away stresses.
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Shonn Piersol is a father to 3 beautiful children, Elizabeth, Isaac and Elijah. He owns Massage iNDY, a thriving Massage Therapy spa in Fishers, Indiana.

I was born in Rome. No, not that Rome.... Rome, Georgia. I have no recollection of that time in my life as it was but a few months while my parents were there for my Dad's work. It was in a Georgia hospital after birth that my father attempted to spell my name as Shon to the nurse. She proceeded to spell it Shonn and with that simple misunderstanding, Shonn Piersol was formed. There is more to the story, of course. 

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama which was the hometown of both of my parents.